Bumper Stickers worth Reading

Food for thought

Of All Creation, only man can say Yes or No to God.


If you live wrong, you can't die right.


There is 1 way to stay out of hell, but no way to get out of hell.


Many prepare 4 living, yet do nothing about preparing for living 4 ever in heaven


No man can be qualified 4 heaven until he 1st realizes that by nature he is qualified for hell.


People who live a life for hell on earth can not expect to enter heaven.


You walk with God, you'll end up at His Home.


Christ who tells us of heaven with all its happiness also tells us of hell with all its horrors.


Hell is truth seen to late.


Every soul winner believes in hell


Those trying to prove there is no hell, usually have a reason for it.


God expects the whole heart, but He will accept a broke one.


What part does God play in your life -  spare tire, or the steering wheel?


Christ as Savior brings Peace with God,

Christ as Lord brings the Peace of God.


Eternal life is the only life assurance you can collect after death.


A man can go to hell in his own way, but only go to heaven God's way - through the door.


Where will you be and what will you be doing 50 years from today if you keep on doing what you are doing now?


God saves us, not for what we are, but for what He can make us.


God does more than hear words, He reads hearts.

You are only one prayer away from going to heaven.

The Bible gives us a Road Map to get to heaven.

" Don't good people qualify for Heaven?"